Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cakes ...

It has been 15 days since my last post. 14 days since my helper balik ke kampung halaman untuk bercuti. Some changes in our daily routinelah, but well ... we are coping pretty well. Oh, and we baked lots of cakes too in between!

Juggling office work, house chores and baking .. mana lagi ada time to blog. But I realised that I have so many cake pic to be shared, and I know some of you have been waiting for your cake pic to be posted here, so I'll grab this little time that I have to post some. Enjoy ..

Chocolate Moist Higgly Town Heroes - ordered by Rohani. Thanks so much Rohani - its good to finally meet you after that phone call 20 years ago! .. 20 years.

Medium and Mini cuppies.

These are also for Rafi's Birthday.

Now these went all the way to Keningau. Ordered by Fay.

The birthday girl likes Pink she said .. pink cuppies

... and pink carrot cheese cake.

...another carrot cheese - ordered by Valentina.

Chocolate Moist - Cinderella ordered by Carol for her daughter Ruth. A bit tan lah ni Cinderella. Terlampau berjemur kali.

Chocolate Moist for Sharon, its for her mum's 55th. Birthday. M Still trying to figure out how to make a perfect ribbon tho.

Little Einstein chocolate moist ordered by Chris. I love the rocket! Hubby made it from fondant. O, she ordered cuppies too .. with flags, but too bad lupa ambil gambar.

Chocolate Moist Princess ordered by Christine for her niece Cybil. Ni orang paling banyak order my cake and every time she insist for chocolate moist! Thank you Christine.

..and noo, its not finished. Banyak lagi but m running out of time. I'll post next time la ya. To all empunya kek yang gambarnya masih belum di siarkan ... sabar ya...

thanks untuk tempahanya ya ladies, and thanks for viewing untuk yang lain. got to go now, till next time ...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Humble beginning

From almost nothing, hubby took the first step to creating our Koi pond.

... some progress,

Two days ago ....

path to our Koi pond...

hehe .. ikan Koi nya belum boleh show lagi ya. Still malu-malu ikan semua. Nantilah, once they are ready I ambil gambar ok.

Oh, I'd love to show you more of what we have now in our garden.. - flowers, cactus, pokok-pokok buah and others .. which all started from a humble beginning what they are now. Maybe next time.

I'll be busy in the next two weeks or so cos Kia will be going back to her hometown (cuti-cuti indon), but I'll find time to update my blog and visit your blog too.

Till then, take care.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Busy week

Ternyata end of May memang minggu yang sangat sibuk. Selain dari kerja yang tiba-tiba menjadi banyak di ofis, tempahan kek juga agak memberangsangkan. Terima kasih ya teman-teman.

.. nah sila dulu jamu mata dengan kek kek di sini :-

cupcakes ordered by Fay, Norkiah & staff SESB

Thomas & Friends cupcakes ordered by Chill.

Butter cake ordered by Fay for her grandma's birthday

Chocolate Moist cake also ordered by Fay.

3rd. Anniversary cupcake ordered by Chill. She likes the design she saw in the internet, so she asked us to do something similar.

..& Chocolate Moist cake ordered by Christine. She requested football design sebab her hubby sangat suka football

Sudah penat buat kek, we decided to go for a short break. Destinasi bulan ini - Nexus. Kami berholiday bersama our good friend yang juga merangkap partner holiday kami..

tidak banyak gambar, sebab siang kami sibuk bercanda di pantai, malam pula kami sibuk makan.

..dan balik dari Nexus, we attended my cousin's wedding. Malas ambil gambar, so hanya ambil gambar ini..

sebab I have to let Momoi see my dress.