Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We've been married for 9 years today
we've laughed and cried
and seen each other
through our best and worst
and everything in between.
Today, when I look at you,
I feel even more love than I've ever felt before.

We have a history together,
full of shared memories that keep us close.
You are so much a part of me
and a part of my happiness
that it's impossible to imagine
what life would have been like without you.

You are my friend, my partner, my love,
and I ask nothing more
than to spend all the rest of my life
with you ...

Happy Anniversary honey.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Air Asia

Josh told his mum, he wants an airplane cake for his 4th. birthday

A red airplane cake.... just like Air Asia.

Happy 4th. birthday dear Josh. Hope your day is magical.

...... Now everyone can eat.

Thank you PapaJ and Jppmom ...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lets do Maths

Dear Parents,

To those of you whose children is on Enfalac A+, please read. This is somewhat interesting.

How much would a can of 900gm cost you? At a supermarket that I frequently visit this 900g would normally cost me about RM64.30. Thats about RM7.14 per 100gm. And oh, minus the hidden cost, the can - the can alone is about 163 gm - seriously.. So that would end up to about RM8.72 for 100gm. Quite hefty right? considering that this supply will only last for about more or less 11 days.

At the same supermarket, a refill pack of 650gm cost about RM48.50. Which is about RM7.46 per 100gm. I decided that buying the refill pack of 650gm is the best alternative.
I am contented.

Untill ....
In another store ...

I found out that they also come in small packages of 200gm. .. and yes your eyes dont lie. You are right, its RM5.00 for 200gm. Unbelievable.

I scratch my head. And hey, I bought all the 5 boxes that they have in their shelf. 1000gm for RM25.00, its a real deal. I went home a happy customer.

I will visit the store again next week; hopefully they will have stock coming in.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This cake was ordered by Rita for Connor Alden Howell's 1st. Birthday. first Choo-Choo Train,
such a fun cake to make
Birthday party starts at 7.30pm ... I texted Rita, I need to know ..

when Rita replied, I smile. I am glad they like it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

To all the teachers who have taught me, I would like to say
.... Thank you, for helping me to be myself.

... to all the teachers out there - keep up the good work

Have a happy Teacher's Day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Palsu ba

I was in the kitchen when I heard :

Aly : apa you buat tu Kak?
Kia : siram bunga
Aly: apa you buat tu Kak?
Kia: siram bunga lah
Aly: tapi sekarang u siram apa?
Kia: siram bunga mum
Aly: tapi kak itu bunga palsu
Kia: mana ada
Aly: palsu bah kak, palsuuuu
Kia: Jangan tipu I bah
Aly: Betul bah Kak, itu bunga palsu. Kakak Aby …, Kakak Kia siram bunga palsu mum!

Can you tell which one is a fake?

Now closer …..

Ya, that’s the one. It seems that my maid has been watering the ‘flower’ all this while. And mind you, she has been with us for over 3 months! 3 months and she didn’t notice that it’s a fake?

Kia, Kia … patutlah bunga tu semakin hari semakin layu…

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Mother's Day Cupcakes

It was fun baking and decorating these cupcakes. Didn’t get to take many photos though because all hands were occupied on something. Honestly, we did not expect to get that much order for Mother’s Day. But we were relieved that everything went on well in the end.

To us, preparing the cupcakes was a great time spent among good friends. Good jokes, good laugh ……..everything good lah. .. so to all of you who ordered the cupcakes from us, we sincerely hope you like it . From the bottom of our heart….....
..... Thank you.

p/s thank you mrs.jordans for coming to rescue. Our partnership offer for the coming Father’s day project is still open …....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mission accomplished

Di sebalik tabir of the 528 Cupcakes

The reliable mixer

The microwave

the hands ...

the partner

.... and the cupcakes

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mummy,

My heart remembers all those precious moments, when your special words made all the difference.
Thanks Mummy. I love you.

.... and wishing all Mums a happy and enjoyable Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Yi, an ethnic group in China.

With a population of over 657 million, the Yi’s are mainly distributed over the provinces of Sichuan and Yunan.

What is interesting about their costume? It comes in great variety – different design for different places.

Women normally wear laced or embroidered jackets and pleated long skirts hemmed with colourful multi-layer laces. Black Yi women used to wear long skirts reaching to the ground while women of other social ranks wore skirts reaching only to the knee.

Although some women wear black turbans, middle-aged and young women prefer embroidered square kerchiefs with the front covering the forehead like a rim.

A figurine of the Yi People. A fascinating gift from a thoughtful friend who just came back from China.

Terima kasih daun keladi, next month Singapore belikan lah lagi. Thanks Ryan.
(yes, that's him the cute guy who bought us the figurine)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cheese cake

I love cheese cake. Just thinking about cheese cake makes my mouth water for a big piece of it. My favourite topping? Blueberry. What about you? What’s your choice of cheese cake?

Hmmmmm. What could be more soothing & tummy filling than having a piece of this with a cup of your favourite coffee or tea ……

I baked these on Thursday night, not for myself but ordered by the Teachers of SM Datuk Peter Mojuntin.

To the teachers, Thank you. Hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy baking them…

Friday, May 02, 2008

Kadazan anyone?

The officer on duty of the bank I visited Wednesday happens to be my friend - a true Kadazan, who speak mostly Kadazan to his Kadazan friends.

Feri: ….. ngam ko mamakai opuak. (white suits you)

Me: .. (with my broken Kadazan and a bit perasan) ..ya, nokuo? alawa ka? (ya, why? good looking is it?) – my definition of alawa is good looking

Feri: … iziau? Au ko alawa. Iziau nopo nga avanus. (you? you are not alawa you are avanus) - what is his definition of alawa and avanus? I didn’t ask.

I went home probing … what actually is the difference between alawa and avanus? My Kadazan vocabs prove to be limited. …searched in our Kadazan dictionary

yes, we have one, somebody gave it to dad on my wedding. And surprise, surprise … it’s not listed. There is no alawa or avanus in the dictionary.

My curio remains.