Friday, February 20, 2009

Lets enjoy weekend

Ah! .. its Friday. Thank God.
It is still very early, but already I feel like going to a place ...

A place
Not just any place
My place
A house
Not just any house
My home

You can always be yourself at home
You never have to worry
Wonder what others think
When I am home I am free from the outside world
Free from the questioning and orders of others
For it is my place
My house
My home

Zachary Jessell

..yes, I want to go place, my house, MY HOME.

.....& talked about home ....

When Carol asked me to bake a cake for their Christmas gathering last year, she did not specified any design. All she wanted was a chocolate cake. So I baked her a house, a home for Christmas.

Lets go home.

....Happy Friday everyone, lets enjoy our weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love bite?

How was your Valentine's day?

No, the above pic was not taken during Valentine's day. It was taken 3 weeks ago during our trip to Hot Spring. (Hehe.. saja ja, mau menandingi gambar Gunung Kinabalu si Whimsy). We spent Valentine's this year dengan membawa my parents in law makan malam di Grace Point. No pictures taken though, cos I didnt bring my camera.

Sunday was spent beautifying our small garden at home. Nanti lah, when it’s fully done, I will show you the fruit of our labour. As for now I can only show you this ....

Sadly, in the process of beautifying our garden my telinga pula terkorban. Telinga ku di sengat penyengatttttttttttt!

Today, after 2 days disengat, telingaku masih bengkak dan gatal. Notice the 2 brown dots?

Itu lah love bite yang ditinggalkan oleh penyengat sehari selepas Valentine.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Back

(from hubby's sunset collection)

I’m back.

Thank you for your concern - your sms, ym and for your continious visit to my blog while I was in lazy town. I enjoyed being there for a while, but its time to get up and get going.

By the way, its Valentine ’s Day tomorrow. Some of you might have already planned for something special. We have not planned for anything though. Its our helper’s day out tomorrow, so anything planned for tomorrow will definitely involved our 3 power puff girls. In this case Impromptu is the best. Oh, But I baked these last nite ….

.....a simple Valentine treat to my colleagues, hubby’s colleagues and my kids classmates. Not the best looking Blueberry Cheese Tart as you can see, but the taste is good - Full of Flavour .. hehe...according to my kids lah.

I am really in a mood to write today, but I have an awful lot of catching up to do, so Happy Valentine's Day friends, hope you'll have a great one. Hugs.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

The best part of every day
is sharing it with a husband like you ...

Happy Birthday Honey.