Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today, 10 years ago ...
You walk beside me
You take my hand and the way is clear

You smile at me and the
sun is a little brighter...
the world a little more beautiful
and each day is a bridge
to a wonderful tomorrow,
because you are beside me...
because you care.

Our love is an unfinished masterpiece
growing more precious each day.
You manage to say "I Love You"
in so many different ways.
With love as our music,
I know we'll find the way
to be there for each other
and enjoy the dance each day.

Happy 10th. Anniversary my love.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Been wanting to update my blog for a few days now. Staring at the screen, my fingers typing a sentence or two and then its back to deleting the whole thing over and over. My brain refuses to cooperate.

I guess too much looking at reports makes my brain tepu, and not to mention the sleepless night that I sometimes had thinking of how to collect payments from our customers. I look at the aging report again today, and my heart goes gedebak gedebuk, a whopping RM27mil yet to be collected from debtors!! That and benda-benda yang sewaktu dengannya causes nausea all the time. I need a break!!

I look forward to the days when I no longer have to worry about all those and just concentrate on doing the things I enjoy, things that gives me satisfaction ....Well, one step at a time. Insya'Allah the days will come.

Uh.. ok. Enough of those luahan perasaan. Let me share with you some of the cakes from our oven last week.

blue & white theme butter cake for fabmom's birthday, ordered by her 2 good friends - shabbymom and whimsy. My 2 girls had fun time creating those flowers and butterflies from fondant.

chocolate moist with butter icing - ordered by Valerie for her little Anya.

Lucky Anya, cause her mom ordered 2 cakes for her. Different flavour of course. Butter cake with butter icing makes Dora the explorer.

..and 3 sets of these, ordered by SESB's staffs. Thanks Sabrina & friends

..and Thank you all. We hope you enjoyed the cakes as we enjoyed baking and decorating them. There is no satisfaction than seeing joy and excitement on other people's faces - especially kids, when we are able to create a cake that not only look beautiful but taste good for them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steamboat lagi ...

My periuk masih lagi di office since the last time we had our steamboat. So today we decide untuk bersteamboat lagi. Makanan kali ni tidak lah sebanyak dulu. Just nice.

..tapi yang paling sedap ikan masin. Our kakak cleaner bawa dari rumah.

I tambah nasi 2 kali. My friends cakap I kuat makan sudah sekarang. Not like last time, satu pinggan nasi pun susah mau kasi habis. I guess that explain why my size S baju semua tidak muat sudah. But ah, I dont really care, as long as I am healthy.

Ini afternoon tea kami.

siapa kah ahli-ahli geng kuat makan ini, nanti lah I blog another time. Itu pun kalau I dapat tangkap gambar dorang. Dorang ni semua pemalu. Ha ha ha ...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Our first wedding cake.
02nd. May 2009

We have had a few request before this, but being an amateur baker we hesitated. We feel, or rather I feel that we are not ready for weddings. When Cay asked me 2 months ago if I can bake for his brother's wedding, I asked hubby's opinion. He said, "lets do it". And we did ...

A simple butterfly + flower design in purple and white. The cake is Chocolate moist with butter icing and cupcakes are of vanilla and chocolate flavour with butter icing.

Cay and I 'met' thru blogging sometime last year...we became cyber friends and since then we've been visiting and commenting on each others blog. The day that I delivered the cakes, that was the first we met face to face.

... nice, sweet and friendly

.. and here is another one for the album.

Thank you Cay and family for trusting our work.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Today's lunch

Steamboat for 9, because colleague yang lain outstation. Lihat lah kuah yang menggelegak itu ....

Look at the background, can you guess where we had it? Right, Our office lah tu. Malas sudah kami makan di kedai-kedai berhapiran so we decided to have steamboat instead. This is the second time actually, the first was last month. But at that time everybody sibuk makan, so we didnt get to take any picture.

Kuat makan kah? .. eh ada lagi. We had cheese cake too. Momoi's new recipe. Tidak sempat ambil gambar sudah habis kena makan.

Ok lah. That's all for today. Got to finish some work because I will be on leave tomorrow. Not celebrating wesak a day in advance lah, my helper mau hantar duit ke kampung so nobody jaga little Shasha.

Till then, happy Wesak to those celebrating and kepada ibu-ibu sekalian, Selamat Hari Ibu.