Friday, November 28, 2008

Caught in a jam

Caught in a jam .. again!

Just when I started to feel real bored, I saw a nice view through the window. Being caught in this jam is not bad afterall... Took my Nikon S210 from my handbag ...snap, snap...

"The image could have been better if you had taken it with your DSLR camera", hubby said.

But I always give the same excuse. "Its big, I cannot put it inside my handbag. Maybe next time, one of these days..."

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

...the therapy

Friday : 20 November @ 12.30 p.m
I wish I can say TGIF, but those are customer's files that demand urgent action. Pening my head. I need some therapy ....badly.

@ 1.00 p.m
headed for lunch at Kenny Rogers 1Borneo with my 3 girlfriends. Sedap-sedap makan muffin, sempat lagi dorang kena telefon boss for some figures - well it was our company's Board Meeting in KL so ..... understand

@06.05 p.m
when I left the office, I did not bother to clear the mess, tutup computer jak. Aduh .. sakit kepala!

@ 08.30 p.m
it was raining cats and dogs. Hubby and I decided to bring the kids out for dinner.

Makan di Grace Point - hubby had fried fish and I makan the ginger chicken - yummy.

The kids and their kakak penjaga seperti biasa makan nasi ayam.

Saturday 21 November @ 10.00 a.m
Breakfast di Krishna Asia City. Nasi lemak sudah habis, so hubby had chapati while the girls and I makan roti bakar saja.

Lepas makan, we drove all the way to Kota Belud. Wah.. banyak nya sapi dan kambing di tepi jalan. Pusing-pusing kampung but nothing caught the attention of hubby's camera, so we drove back. (.. kami teda turun pun dari kereta)

@01.30 p.m
on the way home singgah for lunch at Gayang Seafood. Oder this 3 jak, takut ndak habis.

@09.15 p.m - baked these cakes for Jovena.

...blueberry cheese cake for her daugher Hannah


carrot cheese cake for Hannah, Ian and Isaac. November Birthday, she told me.

Sunday 23 November @ 12.00 p.m
... tempted to buy a bag at Elaiza. Not as expensive as the sapi in Kota Belud lah, probably, just half the price of the kambing, but suddenly I came to my senses, so tidak jadi.

..... had lunch at RCH instead.

Argh.... tomorrow is Monday, I still have those many paperwork waiting for me .. but I hope tomorrow will be a better week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still around ..

Yeah, I am still around. Just that I am so much like this bird....

Terkurung di dalam sangkar. My time now is very much dedicated to work, work and more work. ...oh how depressing!
Honestly, I wish that I no longer need to remain in this cage.

I apologize for not being able to visit your blog lately as I am still struggling to finish up whatever is due before I take my leave in December. I miss reading your stories thats for sure, but always know that you are all very near to my heart.

On a lighter note, our boss treated us to a fulsome lunch on Monday. Green Lobster, Coral Trout, Flower Crab, Prawns are just some of it. See, big kan the lobster?

Lobster butter sauce. Pics taken before the lobster head kena kasi jadi soup. We had 2 of this lobster untuk 13 orang makan.

Not really interested to take pictures of the rest of the food sebab sibuk mau makan. Took this lobster pic sebab mau lawan gambar butter crab Fabmom.

While I was enjoying the lobster ....

Boss: Nes, nanti you settle bill ya..
Me : Boss?
Boss: Nanti you claim la, next week kan gaji dah.
Me : Hmmm...

...nah, that remind me that I have to submit my claim by tomorrow. How much? RM1,398.17 for Monday lunch. Ada lagi claim lain yang resitnya masih belum jumpa. Uwaaaaa....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The day I gave my Heart to you ... again

At the beach last weekend.
Hubby was behind me

Hubby : dont move
Me : kenapa
Hubby : I want to take gambar sunset and you

Me: my back??
Hubby : yes, dont move

Me: lama?
Hubby: dont move
Me : ya ok lah

I was browsing hubby's photostream at flickr on Friday when I saw this ....

The day I gave my Heart to you ... again

The day I gave my Heart to you..again

This is why beach is so sentimental to me. So many feelings attach to it...of course a great one. Its a place to reconcile, place to think, to be inspired & to renew your love . To my Honey...thanks for always being there for me..including freezing for this 30 sec shot!!hahaha..Luv U always.

....want to share it with you, simply because ...yeah.. I am the model. Sorry, cant help it ....I am vain! ha ha ha ....

but Chantique kan? hmmmm... the sunset I mean.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family. I did.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


We had a small Raya makan-makan untuk jiran tetangga during the recent Depavali Holiday. My jirans are ALL non muslims, so every year hubby and I would normally have a special open house just for them.

Not so many food lah. 4 types yang ini :

dan ada kelupis dan nasi impit yang ndak sempat di ambil gambar.

... since we have not celebrated Aryssa’s 1 year old Birthday, hubby and I thought that it would be nice, if we can prepare a cake for her to cut on the same day. I have not baked for sooo long. Kemalasan mem bake selepas lama berehat tu masih belum hilang actually. But since its for my daughter, I kuatkan juga semangat tu.

It was already late when I finished baking the cake. And memang I feel extremely tired. So I told hubby that I am going to sleep for a while and decorate the cake later. I must have overslept, cause when I woke up, it was already 6.00 am the next day. The day that I am supposed to have my open house. Adoiiii, macam mana ni??. I rushed to the kitchen only to find this ….

I smile from ear to ear. Fantastic! My hubby sudah siap mendecorate kan kek tu. Oh thank you, thank you my love. Chantique kan?

... ok lah, itu ja yang I can think of today. My mind is not cooperating well. Nanti lagi ya...