Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My New Toy

Friday night:
Hubby: … have you decided?
Me : mmm, not really...but if yes how? I am only willing to depart with RM1000.00
Hubby: Okkey… we go tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon – at the shop:
Hubby: you try
Me : Waaah, best oh. I want, I want!!!

I have been thinking of buying a new oven for the past few months now. Need to upgrade. Through recommendations I finally decided on the model and thought that the price of RM1, 400.00 is fairly reasonable. Even have the money ready, nicely kept in an envelope hidden among my clothes (hehe .. old style huh!!). Made frequent visit to the shop too, with the intention of buying ... but then again I was hesitant, every time…

It’s funny and strange!!! .. Wonder why is it that for the past few months, I have been trying hard to convince myself to buy the oven BUT it took me split second to say I want & actually paid for this thing?? (..well not entirely, my dear hubby subsidized 70% of the total cost - …I Love you Honey)

Presenting ... my brand new toy …..

The Olympus 520

No regrets, .. and I've stopped wondering why. My co-capital contributor said, just treat this as DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aie's Birthday

We had a great time at my place last Saturday. It was Aie's (momoi's daughter) 3rd. Birthday Party .

Boy the Clown was there

... obviously he became the children's centre of attraction.

To amuse the children more we prepared these ...

.. and these...

It was a day full of fun and laughter ...

Happy Birthday Aiesya, you are one lucky girl.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My annual leave

I have been neglecting my blog yet again … been busy with all kinds of everything …

Anyways, as announced in my previous post I took my annual leave recently …
It was a last minute leave application but relieved that I got it approved. Being fairly busy in the office (we only have 13 staffs including our CEO), l am rarely on leave but when I do, I usually choose to take my annual leave during school holidays.

It is depressing that as working parents, hubby and I have too little time with our children. And because our children are attending different school sessions, they too frequently grumble of not being able to spend more time playing with each other. Thus, to make up for those lost time, we make sure that we have our family outing on every school holiday.

Our recent family trip was to Mimpian Jadi Resort in Tuaran. We had fun, all of us …

....their smile says it all

their happy time ....

...and ours

Cant wait for our next trip in August ….

Friday, June 06, 2008

One demanding week

After the long pause, glad that I am finally able to update my blog again. The past week has been very hectic for me. Both my brother in law’s wedding and our Board of Director’s Meeting took place at about the same time. I was in a tight spot as both demanded equal commitment.

The wedding reception was held on Sunday 1st. June but as it is in a traditional Sabah wedding, the merriment actually begins one week before the actual wedding day with relatives and close friends visiting and lending hands with the final preparation....

It’s in the family tradition to have two bridal daises in every wedding ...

I have no detail of how their love story begins but I am glad that they decided to tie the knot ...

The wedding went well as planned but what happened on Monday, just a day before the Board Meeting was a total disaster. Our fishes and corals died and because of that the office smell horrible. Well, we did managed to get the aquarium cleaned and the supplier brought in new fish and coral at the very last-minute but the outcome was rather disappointing.

It was actually the first BOD meeting to be held in our new million dollar office and we were hoping to make a good impression but well … we didn’t. We have other plans though .. .. and hopefully their next visit will be a totally different experience.

Anyway after that one demanding week and because it is school holiday, I told my boss that I need a break. .. and he approved. Hoorayyyyy. how did I spend my 3 days annual leave? ....I will let you guys know in my next post.