Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Saturday

Last Saturday ...

I baked the above cheese cake for Lizabeth nephew. Simple design only lah but I have to say thank you to Momoi for the idea and Sai for the banner design.

Last Saturday ...

.. we turn off our lights to support the Earth Hour programme. Sorry for the poor quality of the above pic. Kan time tu bergelap so quality gambar pun kureng.

We turn off semua lampu dalam rumah and hanya pasang lilin outside the house where we ber BBQ dengan cahaya lilin. Best O. And to make it more interesting for the kids, we sat on the floor. My mum in law said - "beginilah nenek dulu-dulu, guna lilin saja dan makan pun duduk di lantai". Nah, apa lagi my kids, they were so happy to be able to experience zaman dulu-dulu.

Last Saturday juga, our gate buat hal. Time my hubby want to tutup our gate, one of the nuts terlonggar and made the gate tersasar dari landasan. Kasian my hubby, he had to tahan the gate dari rebah with one hand while the other hand is carrying little Shasha. No picture for this one lah, cos its an incident that I would like to forget.

Last Saturday, macam-macam ada!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Waaah, It has been 10 days since my last post. And ah..? its almost end of March! Cepatnya.

I have been busy baking lately. Syukur Alhamdullilah, memang banyaaaak sangat oder this month. Thank you so much for your support. But tonite I'm not baking so ada la juga time to update my blog sambil minum milo panas and makan kek horlicks...

...but kek horlicks tu bukan saya yang bake. My good friend punya mother yang bagi. I was told that kek ni kena kukus for 4 hours. Thanks Auntie Rohani for the cake. Sedap. Very the sedap.

By the way, here are some pic that hubby took during Nadia's engagement. Nadia is the second daughter of Auntie Rohani. Manis orang nya.

Nadia & Rizal

Need a photographer for your function? ... hehe.. now you know where to look for.

.. and as promised, this one is for Whimsy sebab hari tu she ask me to kasi siring sikit tu bun supaya she can have a clear look at my piring

Piring biasa biasa saja bah. Bukan brand orang putih pun tapi Claytan, made in Malaysia. Antique sudah ni Whimsy. Piring ni sudah berusia 10 tahun! Psst... kalau dijual mahal sudah ka ni? LOL

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Almost ...

Look at my hubby ....

He is working hard to finish this up. This is part of the beautifying our garden project. I've asked him to just upah the Om, but he said he will be more satisfied if we complete the project dengan titik peluh sendiri. Almost done? No, not yet... still a long way to go, since we are only able to work on it during the weekend.

Guess what? I baked some buns during the weekend. Tired of baking cakes only lah. The result ...

I'll rate it 7/10. Not the result I expected, but almost there. Gonna try a few more times lagi ni. I have to achieve at least 9/10.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liburan di ....

Hubby will not be able to take leave during the school holiday next week. Too bad. But the kids are okay about it, since we just got back from here .......

Breathtaking dont you think?

It was raining the day we arrived, but that did not stop us from enjoying our holiday. We brave the rain. Naik buggy meround golf course dan mandi laut. Pity we had to leave Shasha and her kakak penjaga di bilik. Baby tidak boleh main hujan. But the next day was hers... berjam -jam dia mandi kolam & mandi laut juga.

Didnt took many photos tho. Everyone was busy dengan aktiviti masing-masing.

Iya, kami baru balik dari liburan di Nexus Karambunai.

That explain why I am still in a holiday mood.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kereta Ku

While reading Whimsy's blog tadi, I saw that she posted a pic dengan pemandangan tengahari Pantai Tanjung Aru. Picture below pula ialah pemandangan sunset di spot yang lebih kurang sama which my hubby took a few months back. Tiada kena mengena dengan title post hari ini, dan the 2 Mat Salleh yang tengah aramaiti tu pun tiada juga kena mengena dengan kami.

My day didn't kick off pretty well today, tayar depan kereta I pancit lah pula. I had to make an early visit to the tyre shop in Donggongon.

Time orang tu menukar tyre, baru lah I perasan punyalah kotor my kereta this. Sudah lama juga dia nda kena kasi mandi.

So after the mechanic fixed the tyre, I sent her for a bath. Snow bath. (hehe.. perempuan yang sedang cuci kereta tu bukan saya ok).

My tyre dah ok, my car a bit clean ... but I have one more problem.

I am still in a holiday mood ....

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Good to be back. Not that I have been to lazy town again, but the poor internet connection deterred me from going online. I get sick of sitting infront of the computer trying to upload or browse things when the connection is slower than a snail. But its better now, so I should be going round your blogs pretty soon to catch up on what I have missed.

So how was your weekend?

Mine was lively.

I baked 4 cakes -

Christine ordered this Dragon Head design for his son's birthday. When I delivered it to their house on Saturday, the birthday boy greeted me. He asked me if the cake inside the box is a dragon head & I said yes. I just hope that the design meet his expectation.

This cake is also ordered by Christine, for her baby full moon. Simple design only lah.

This cake was ordered by Ajie - a blogger friend from KL who is here in KK for her wedding reception. Her husband loves their dog Onton very much, so she requested that I draw Onton on the cake. This is what I came out with ....

...also ordered by Ajie for her sister who is a Chef.

I also attended my cousin's engagement,went to Tamu Putatan,brought the kids jalan-jalan, rearrange my kitchen to make way for my new oven, continue with the garden project (hmm .. actually my hubby did, I became the mandur only).. and lots of other small ongoing projects.

Kinda packed. But I enjoyed. I always like weekend.

Just for the record, I met a blogger friend - Shabbymom at Bits and Bites today. Excitednya, finally we meet in person. Tapi control la ba kan ... ramai orang sana tu tadi. Sweet & friendly I must say, and hey.. you slim down sudah lah Shabbymom!